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Upgrades to NewTom VGi and Adds 3D Mobile Cone Beam Imaging Service 2010-07-23

(Elmsford, NY, June 2, 2010,) AFP Imaging Corporation (OTC. AFPC.PK) announces that McCormack Dental Imaging in Southern California and C?Dental X?Ray in Northern California, the single largest customers of the NewTom 3D Cone Beam Imaging scanners in the US, have upgraded all 12 of their locations from the NewTom 3G to the NewTom VGi. Additionally, McCormack Dental Imaging has expanded its service to include 3D Mobile Imaging as the growth of the NewTom VGi Flex and mobile imaging fleet continues to reach across the country. This latest 3D Mobile Cone Beam unit will operate out of San Diego County and provide enhanced onsite service to both doctors and patients, delivering the highest caliber images for which the NewTom VGi is known. C?Dental X?Ray has provided the bay area dental community with quality imaging services for over 70 years. Its reputation for state?of?the?art technology and services to doctors and their patients has enabled continued growth and success. When asked about the blanket upgrade to the VGi, Jerry Peck, CEO explained “With the responsibility of owning multiple dental imaging centers, I’ve always felt the most important ideal to hold on to is the ALARA principle (As Low as Reasonable Acceptable) with respect to X?ray radiation dose. NewTom is one CBCT manufacturer in dental radiography that truly adheres to the ALARA concept. NewTom achieves this with its proprietary Safe Beam™ technology where initial scout images set the mA based on the density of the patient’s cranium and automatically adjusts to provide the lowest dose with the highest image quality.” Peck continued, “I personally feel that the Smart Beam™ technology in the NewTom VGi, along with the .3mm focal spot, medical grade rotating anode and flat panel make it the best machine in dentistry today, bar none.”

About McCormack Dental Imaging / C?Dental X?Ray : C?Dental X?Ray is located in Northern California with seven locations in the Bay area. McCormack Dental Imaging is located in Southern California with five locations in San Diego County. Both are a group of unique facilities dedicated solely to high quality digital dental imaging. For additional corporate information please visit the company’s corporate web site at

About AFP Imaging / NewTom: AFP Imaging, a leading state?of?the?art diagnostic imaging supplier, is a market leader with products distributed worldwide to dental, medical and veterinary professionals. For over 30 years, the Company has produced branded products that are installed in over 100,000 dental and medical facilities worldwide, including its latest digital imaging systems where it is a market leader in Cone Beam 3D X?ray imaging. For additional corporate information please visit the company’s corporate web site at The remarks contained in this press release and presented elsewhere by management from time to time contain forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding the Company’s plans, objectives, expectations and intentions. The Company’s actual results may differ significantly from the results discussed in this press release or in other forward-looking statements presented by management. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any such statements to reflect any change in the Company’s expectation or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which such statement is based.

Free Google Tools for Dentists 2010-07-22

Google offers some pretty cool FREE tools that you may want to get on board with, primarily Google Local and Google Alerts.

Google Local (Google Maps or Google Places) This little tool will get your business on the map. The Google Map.

If you don’t claim your listing, someone else may. And there’s nothing you can do about it! Google takes precautions to prevent this, but your best bet is to claim your listing now. It just takes a minute.

Go to In the left sidebar, you’ll see a hyperlink that says “Put your business on Google Maps.” Click it! If you don’t have a Google account, go ahead and set one up. If you do have an account, simply choose Google Places from your main Google Accounts page. Then just follow the instructions to get your business listed. Be sure to fill out ALL of the keywords, etc. Stand by your phone because the verification process involves a phone call. Have a pen handy to write down the verification number. Verify, and you’re golden.

You’re going to see ads about paid listings. You don’t need those right now.

Google Alerts Find out when your business is mentioned online, and keep your finger on the pulse of topics close to your heart. Google Alerts will send you email notifications when keywords that you specify show up on Google that day.

From your main Google Accounts page, choose Alerts, and click Manage. Type in search terms that you want to be notified about: your business name, your competitor’s business name, your name, your city (for local news), and any other topic of interest (ie: cosmetic dentistry, LVI, sleep apnea dentistry). Complete the questionnaire, and you’ll begin receiving Google Alert emails the same day.

These tips were provided by TNT Dental, a leader in custom dental website design and hosting. Call TNT Dental today to discuss your Internet marketing strategy: 877-868-4932.

Samsung and InnoDen Introduce the Future for Dental Chairs and Delivery Units 2010-07-21

Sky Dental “M” is Finally Here and Set to Change the View of Dental!

Samsung and InnoDen have partnered to bring Dentist nationwide the latest in Dental Unit technology and design. Sky Dental “M” has combined all the design and technology features you could ask for with the best quality materials available. All components create a unit that is aesthetically appealing, functional and above all built to last. Together they are changing the way you view dental equipment today.

Seattle, WA (FPRC) June, 1 2010 – Samsung and InnoDen are set to bring the latest in technology and design to the Dental Equipment Industry nationwide. “Sky Dental’s “M” Chair Unit incorporates American design and functionality that is seen from your leaders in the industry today” said Justin Taylor, Marketing Manager of InnoDen.  The “M” unit offers the same modern color schemes Sky Dental is known for which it’s more advanced counterpart unit “W” offers as well.  From the standard over patient light and Touch Panel, it is apparent that they are creating new unit standards in the industry.

The Sky Dental “W” offers a thin back American design that caters to the Doctor and Patient with complete comfort and style.  The “M” unit is an affordable option for any dentist and is equipped with all the bells and whistles used today, without having to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on options and accessories.

“Samsung and InnoDen chose to represent the Sky Dental brand because, they are leading the way in technology and design and we are confident that it will change the dental equipment industry we know today” Said Dr. Park, CEO of InnoDen.  InnoDen’s product knowledge and sales support combined with Samsung’s extensive infrastructure and global reach ensure that Sky Dental will be a brand that is here to stay. Call your local dealer’s today and get a Sky Dental “M” and change the way your practice is viewed and remembered.

About Sky Dental:

Sky Dental has manufactured chairs and delivery systems for over 27 years. Sky Dental is currently distributed in 30 countries across the world and sells over 3,000 units annually. Samsung and InnoDen are convinced that their chair is the best quality and best product on the market today.  All units come with standard manufacturer 5 year warranties.


Justin Taylor, Marketing Manager InnoDen, LLC 206-832-1818

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